My name is Joseph McCann and I’m a professional musician. I’ve been working on or with music for most of my life. I’ve recently released an album of 6 of my original songs. Please check out my songs on iTunes, and once you’ve checked them out maybe buy them.

iTunes: New Beginnings


I Need To Know –  I Need to Know

This song is about longing to be with someone you are no good for. This song was mostly reflationary. When I wrote it, my main goal was to create clever lyrical patterns, especially in the chorus.

Here We Are – Here We Are
Here We Are has been the most popular out of the album. It is essentially about dependability. My goal was to create a song that could be viewed from a romantic perspective, or from a Christian perspective.

Anymore – Anymore
Just another love song. Utilized some clever word play in a few areas of this song.

My Love – My Love

This song was my attempt to try a different style. The content is satirical in nature. It is meant to seem like an overly obsessed boy chasing after a not-so-interested girl.

luv 2 H8 – luv 2 h8
This song is an example of a lack of unity on my part (comparing it to the rest of the album). I wrote this song to make fun of high school relationships. My goal was to emphasize the way teenagers are “bipolar” in the way they handle their significant others.

The Most Beautiful Girl – The Most Beautiful Girl
The first song I ever wrote. My aim was to create a vivid visual for the listener.


Cover Songs

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